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VoIP телефон

Siemens Gigaset C470 IP

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Front Features
Display128x128 pixel, 4096 colors and 6 lines
Illuminated displayYes
ScreensaverDisplay of digital clock or color picture as screensaver (4 selectable and settable by user )
Navigation keyYes
LED signallingYes
Field strength displayedYes
Charging status displayedYes
Date and time displayedYes
Call charge or call duration per call displayedYes
Dialing Features
Dual ModeEasy switch from internet (VoIP) to fixed-line by simply pressing a key
Redialing functionRedialing of 20 different dialing numbers; redial key (Flash time adjustable)
Phone directory150 names and numbers; VIP-entries, a specific melody can be assigned to each directory entry; Public Phone Book Search (country specific / on request), Gigaset.net phonebook
Pre-dialingYes, with correction possibility
Automatic redialing-
Pre-selection of NetproviderYes
Call list with timestamp and dialling facilityYes
SMS Functionality
TransmissionWith up to 612 characters (provider dependent)
Personalized SMS InboxEasy SMS setup including registration, 1 common + 3 personalized SMS-inboxes
Transmission of e-mailsYes
Special Features
Handsfree talkingYes
Baby phone / room monitoringYes
Ringer melodies5 polyphonic sounds and 10 melodies
Alarm call and date reminderYes
Wall mountableYes (base station)
Multilingual menuUser guidance in up to 20 languages (partly available)
Support for Gigaset RepeaterYes
Phonebook transferExchange of contacts (e.g. OUTLOOK™) with PC (upload/download) via tsv-file; Online Phone Book search (country specific)
IP Features
VoIP ProtocolSIP
VoIP ProfilesEasy selection of provider profiles via handset or Web Server
VoIP LinesMultiline with up to 6 SIP accounts: Configure up to 6 SIP accounts from different providers, assign accounts indiviually to handsets (send & receive direction specifically)
CodecsG711, G722 (base station), G726, G729AB
Quality of ServiceToS. Diffserv (dependent on country, network and provider)
VoIP SetupFirmware Update directly from handset, without file handling
E-mail and Messaging
E-mailDirect access to POP3 accounts without PC; new Emails signaled by illuminated MWI-key with comfortable access to message list, Information about sender, time & date, subject
MessagingIntegration of messaging-services (Google, Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, AOL...) via Jabber Server: buddy list with online status, chat, calling of contacts; Illuminated MWI-key signaling new instant messages
Analogue Access
number of analogue accessUp to 6 handsets
CLIPYes (dependent on country, network and provider)
Connection of a door stationYes
Features with more than 1 handset
simultaneous calls (conferencing)2 VoIP and 1 PSTN Call simultaneously (+ 1 internal call or AM access); VoIP resp. PSTN 3 party conference (1 external/ 2 internal participants); Two 3-party-conferences simultaneously (1 external VoIP or PSTN/2 internal participants each + AM access)
Transfer of external calls to another handsetYes
Phonebook transfer between handsetsYes
Features of integrated answering machine
Recording time-
Predefined announcements (plug & play)-
Time-controlled change between announcement and advisory message-
Date and time announcement-
Answering machine controlling-
Remote playback-
Live recording-
Voice control commands-
Protection of recordings against power failure-
PIN protected mailboxes-
Time control of answering machine-
Direct access to answering machine via separate key-
60% less power consumption with energy-saving power supply (In comparison to our conventional cordless phones)Yes
Transmitting power reduced to almost zero when handset is docked (With only 1 registered handset)-
ECO Mode: reduces transmitting power by 80% (For all registered handsets – in comparison to when ECO Mode is not activated and our conventional cordless phones)Yes
ECO DECT Handset
60% less power consumption with energy-saving power supply*Yes
Technical specifications
Interfacesa/b (analogue), IP/Ethernet
Handset extensionUp to 6 handsets can be registered
Standby timeUp to 300 h
Talk timeUp to 12 h
Battery system2 x NiMH AAA
Range indoorUp to 50 meters
Range outdoorUp to 300 meters
Dimensions Handset (L x W x D) in mm28 x 48 x 146
Dimensions Basestation (L x W x D) in mm157 x 107 x 46
Dimensions Charger (L x W x D) in mm67x77x29
Available coloursPiano Black
Cubio CommunicationsYes
Технические параметры
Фирмы-производители оставляют за собой право на внесение изменений в конструкцию, дизайн и комплектацию приборов. Во избежание недоразумений при покупке приборов руководствуйтесь инструкцией по эксплуатации и информацией продавцов.
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